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Service Center Heimberg

Repair / maintenance

All products manufactured / sold by Fasnacht can be sent to the address below for repair or maintenance. Unless the needed replacement and Wear parts are available, you will receive a binding quote by e-mail.

Fasnacht Dynamics AG
service department
Winterhaldenstrasse 11
CH-3627 Heimberg
VAT No. CHE 491 800 249

The transport costs for the return shipment are at the expense of the client. Falling in connection with the return of products transport costs for Fasnacht Dynamics AG, these will be invoiced to the client including processing fees. If a product fulfills the guarantee conditions according to the General Terms and Conditions of Fasnacht Dynamics AG, the repair and the return to the customer are free of charge.

Tel. Support and remote maintenance

Our specialists are also happy to assist you remotely. Send us an email to with a short error description, your contact details including direct dialing - we will contact you as soon as possible.

As a rule, a remote session via TeamViewer is inevitable so that we can provide competent and speedy help. Please make sure in advance that
A) an internet connection exists and
B) Your internal security settings allow external access.

Contact your system administrator if you have any questions. Delivered services are charged every ¼ hour.


Rate overview

• Service and maintenance: CHF 160.00 / hour
• Creation cost estimate: CHF 120.00 / flat rate (subject to charge if order is not executed)
• Tel. Support and remote maintenance: CHF 180.00 / hour (at least CHF 45.00 / support)
• Transport costs are calculated individually according to destination, volume and weight