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ViscoPoint® Viscosity Control S6-FB

Viscotechnology - Falling Ball

Your benefits at a glance

  • Substantial and sustainable cost reductions in the printing process
  • High precision viscosity control
  • Deep investment and maintenance costs
  • Immune to strong vibrations
  • Varied useful and expandable => see System Extensions
  • Top service and maintenance services
  • Integration PLC control
  • EX protection
  • Made in Switzerland
  • 2 years warranty

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The classic is back - more precise, more versatile and cheaper than ever!

Based on proven technology, Fasnacht's "ViscoPoint® S6-FB solution" (manufactured in Switzerland) starts a new era in the field of viscosity regulation. And this also for extremely low investment and maintenance costs.

We are of the opinion that "not everything that is getting old must be bad", on the contrary. For decades, we have been intensively involved with the drop-body measuring principle and have improved and decisively developed our products over the years with constant innovation. With the launch of the S6 product series, we could now set another milestone and introduce you to the brand new "ViscoPoint® S6-FB solution" - a stroke of a genius?

As before, there are many good reasons to decide for a fall-body measuring principle of Fasnacht. Precisely because our system guarantees a high-precision measurement and regulation of your viscosity even with strong vibrations and can be used without any problems in almost any environment, the evaluation of a new control system means that there is practically no way around our new dropping body solution.

Whether you are working with water- or solvent-based media or are using gravure or flexographic printing, there is no problem for the "market all-rounder". The system measures and regulates without reservation 2K paints, lacquers, adhesives and all other common media in incomparably high quality and persistent endurance.

The decisive step was achieved by combining the slim and trendy measuring unit with the highly developed "PentaSmart S6" control unit. The control unit, for its part, features a modern 2.4-inch color display, various expansion options and, above all, the unique Fasnacht knowledge in the area of ​​viscosity management.
In combination, you get a full-fledged viscosity control system at a fair price, which can be individually configured and expanded according to your needs.