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ViscoPoint® S6-VR

Viscotechnology - Vibrating Resonator

Your benefits

  • Substantial and sustainable cost reductions in the printing process
  • Top value for money
  • High precision viscosity control
  • Inline system; easy handling and installation
  • Varied useful and expandable => see System Extensions
  • Low maintenance and maintenance costs (almost maintenance-free)
  • Immune to particles or air bubbles
  • Integration PLC control
  • EX protection
  • 2 years warranty

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Visco equipment

Fasnacht presents the ORIGINAL!

With more than 50 years of experience in our luggage, our engineers set out on a journey to set new standards in the field of viscosity technology. The ambitious goals of the management to develop a high-precision, everywhere usable, extremely reliable and also still inexpensive inline solution presented was a great challenge for the whole team.

After working intensively on all fronts for more than 1 ½ years, Fasnacht celebrates the brand new ViscoPoint® S6-VR solution with the launch of the S6 product series, which we would like to introduce in detail.

The ViscoPoint® S6-VR solution enables the optimized operation of all laminators, rotogravure and flexographic presses available on the market thanks to precise measurement and precise viscosity control. Adhesives, two-component paints and coatings, water and solvent-based inks can be used without restriction.

The Fasnacht ViscoPoint® S6-VR can be installed directly in the main line and operated completely «inline». The only thing that has to be ensured is that the sensor is cleaned during the flushing process and the cable diameter is reduced to max. ¾ inch. Alternatively it is possible to place an additional loop and insert the sensor in the bypass variant.

Similar to the S6-FB solution, we also rely on the advanced control unit "PentaSmart S6" with all the associated advantages in terms of intelligent viscosity control. The complete S6 product series is homogenized in a meaningful way and can be put together modularly or, if necessary, rebuilt and expanded cost-effectively according to your wishes.