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System Extensions

ViscoPoint® Manager-S6

Central control / OP-VM-X

With the Fasnacht ViscoPoint® Manager-S6, our customers now have access to a sophisticated desktop application that continuously and sustainably optimizes their operative processes.
A useful addition to our basic systems which is already in use after only a few days. Here are an overview of your advantages:

  • Increased efficiency and print quality
  • Control & monitoring of viscosity on a central monitor
  • Create and manage color databases
  • Save print jobs and retrieve them if necessary
  • Creation of various evaluations and statistics
  • Visualization of the printing works
  • Connection and administration of all Fasnacht system extensions
  • Intuitive and user-friendly operation

Solvent management

A)    Control System / OP-SC-A

  • Measurement solvent consumption / flow
  • Hardware: ATEX flow sensor (1/4 »; NAMUR)

B)    Regulatory system / OP-SM-X

  • Active mixing up to max. 8 different solvents. The mixing ratio can be defined individually
  • Hardware: mixing block (oldfiert), ATEX flow sensor (1/4 '', NAMUR)

Temperature Management

A) Regulatory System / OP-TC-X

  • Active cooling of the medium to the desired temperature
  • Hardware: Cooling unit, ATEX angle seat valve

Medium Management

A) Control System / OP-TL-A

  • Monitor fluid level in tank incl. warning signal as soon as defined min. amount is reached
  • Hardware: ATEX level sensor incl. ATEX transmitter

B) Regulatory System / OP-TL-B

  • Medium is automatically refilled by the system
  • Hardware: ATEX level sensor incl. ATEX transmitter, ATEX angle seat valve

Stainless steel housing Z5015

For easy external mounting, preassembled Inox-Box holds Control unit, valves and power supply. For 24VDC and 115/220VAC.

  • Completely pre-wired and with tubing within the housing
  • Installation with single-point M8 fixing
  • Vertical rotation angle of ±180°
  • Delivered with all connectors and screws
  • Swiss Made