Fasnacht Dynamics AG

Established in 1960, Fasnacht is the world leading brand for Ink Viscosity Systems serving the Printing & Packaging industries. Manufactured in Switzerland, Fasnacht Products are international renown for high precision, high quality and low maintenance. From Switzerland we supply the world market through agents in their respective countries.

Often imitated, never duplicated! More than 50 years ago, Fasnacht Dynamics AG became the first company in the world to develop specialized viscosity control systems for the printing industry. Individual components like the dropping body were patented. Upon expiry of the patent protection, our competitors attempted to copy the original product.

Swiss made - globally recognized. Today, our systems are installed on machines from all major machinery manufacturers worldwide. These products help define standards recognized throughout the printing industry. Our team of development engineers works closely with both machinery manufacturers and end customers in order to find the most cost-effective solutions and challenges facing todays market.

The main products include Inline- as well as Online sensors to measure viscosity. A Fasnacht Software is designed to address all functions, like holding the viscopoint, flow measurement, solvent control, temperature and mixing values.

The company's mission is to retain its current valuable customers and to attract new customers, by building enduring relationships with them, their employees and the community. To further expand its client base in the growing markets around the world, Fasnacht Dynamics AG is seeking reliable business partners in countries to act as their agents. For inquiry pleaseconsult our website and fill out our agent registratioin form.

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Fasnacht Dynamics AG
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Service: Roger Berger
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CEO: John Zahm

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