Viscosity controllers (Visco Systems)

Often imitated, never duplicated! More than 30 years ago, Fasnacht Dynamics AG became the first company in the world to develop specialized viscosity control systems for the printing industry. Individual components like the dropping body were patented. Upon expiry of patent protection, our competitors attempted to copy the original product.

Swiss made - globally recognized. Today, our systems are installed on machines from all major machinery manufacturers worldwide. These products help define standards recognized throughout the printing industry. Our team of development engineers works closely with both machinery manufacturers and end customers in order to find the most cost-effective solutions to challenges facing the market.

SLS SlimLine - Viscosity Control System

Our new viscosity control system has been developed to achieve high precision results in viscosity control on a low cost level. SlimLine is offering reliable visosity measuring and temperature control for water- and solvent based inks in Flexo and Gravure Print, adhesives, 2K-inks and lacquers.

The SlimLine Viscosity Control System works according to the much proven dripping body measuring principle. Together with a cleaning system the measuring unit and the supply line are being cleaned automatically.


SlimLine Testbild



  • low investment
  • quick and easy installation
  • possible interface with machine control
  • reliable and high precision viscosity reading and measuring
  • low maintenance
  • ATEX conform system
  • Swiss Made


  • SLS-V: Viscosity Control System
  • SLS-VT: Visosity Control System with integrated temperature measuring (optional ink cooling)


S6-IL-CP - Inline Viscosity Controller

The S6 viscosity control system integrates highly sophisticated solutions for your application; precision viscosity & temperature control for water- and solvent-based gravure and flexo printing inks and lacquers. Additional to that, the modularity of the system allows combining a variety of additional functions, such as fluid- and solvent-blending (volumetric) or real-time consumption measuring & protocolling of any fluids used. The new interface permits intuitive operation and use for the operator.

The MP5 controller family integrates the new inline viscosity sensor. The IL-CP sensor is measuring the viscosity by vibration principle directly in the ink supply line of the printing unit, along with the temperature, and is independent of the ink quantity in the tank or the ink flow. While throughout flushing the main line at the end of the job, the sensor is automatically being cleaned thereby. It is recommended to use this system with an inline ink supply and wash-up system.

FKR S4 - Automatic viscosity controller

The Fasnacht FKR-S4 is a modular viscosity controller designed specifically for the printing industry. Optional capabilities include fully automated control of the pH value, temperature, and tank level. The dropping body measurement principle delivers precise measurements with long-term stability and low maintenance. These characteristics have made the S4 system the standard viscosity controller for several machine manufacturers.



  • Use less ink. Ink is saved by maintaining the optimal viscosity at all times, i.e. by preventing the ink from getting too thick. (A cost-saving example can be found in the section "Viscosity FAQs").
  • Save time. Only a few entries are needed to start Fasnacht viscosity controllers, so you will no longer waste time on manual viscosity measurements.
  • Higher quality - improved QM. Optimized viscosity results in optimized printing results. The logging function integrated into our software records all measurement data, which can be used for quality assurance purposes.
  • One unit - many options. Its modular design enables the FKR-S4 to control not only viscosity, but also the temperature, pH value, and tank level with optional equipment. It can even automatically mix multiple solvents for each ink.
  • Low maintenance. Thanks to their straightforward design and continuous solvent-based self-cleaning, the measurement units require little maintenance.
  • 24-month warranty

Standard functions

  • Measure, display, and control viscosity
  • Calibration of viscosity with any cup type.
  • Measurement and compensation of ink temperature. Temperature measurement tolerance: +/- 1 °C
  • Cleaning can take place manually at the press of a button, at preset flushing times, or automatically through a connected pump signal. If an automatic flushing system is available (such as Easy Clean), the measurement unit can be integrated and thus cleaned at the same time.
  • Alarm functions. Alarms can alert to a variety of events, such as viscosity outside the acceptable range.


ICO Ink Consumption Measuring System

The ICO-xx module enables S4 and S5 systems to measure and display the current ink consumption in real time. These values allow new ways of comparing ink consumption between individual jobs and working shifts, thus indicating potential savings that can be gained from adjusting the viscosity, solvent­ blend and ink composition. The quantity of ink that is actually required for the current job is also predicted on an ongoing basis, allowing each printer to be supplied with exactly the right quantity of ink – without the risk of running dry or unnecessary surplus ink being left over at the end of the job. For straightforward recalculation of ­job costs, software can be used to automatically create synopses showing the ink and solvent consumption per job. If necessary, the ink level can also be controlled automatically, in the same way as the TLC-x module.


  • continuous measuring of the current ink consumption
  • display of
    - consumption in weight/surface area [e.g. g/m2]
    - current ink level in the ink tank
    - ink quantity required to execute the job
    - job progress in %

  • automatic recalculation of costs
  • precise regulation of the ink pH value
  • indication of anomalies and malfunctions
  • warning if ink level is too low or too little
  • low maintenance and minimal cleaning





Our WinFKR software can be used to not only control the working parameters but also to display and log measurement data.

Performance characteristics

  • Job and ink libraries make it easy to configure the viscosity controller.
    The inks are created and pre-configured in the ink library. This makes it easy to assign the inks to the proper printers during production. The resulting jobs can be saved and easily reloaded the next time the same product is printed, greatly reducing configuration time.
  • Job history (.dbf) and statistical analysis of all measurement values according to ISO 9000.
  • A variety of interfaces such as Profibus, TCP/IP, S7, ODBC, and DDE enable analysis and remote management.
  • Available in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, Slovakian, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Touchscreen support (virtual keyboard).
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized access.


Optional accessories

  • PC with pre-installed and pre-configured WinFKR software.
  • Monitors (15" or 17", standard or touchscreen)
  • Industry keyboards
  • UPS to guard against power failures
  • Cabinet for PC and monitor

pH control

pH control

Cooling station
  • Measure, display, and control ink pH
  • The detachable measurement probe can be removed and cleaned while the measurement unit continues to control viscosity.
  • An additional valve facilitates optional pH control.

Measurement range: 0-14 pH (0-12 without Na+ error).
Material: CPVC

Temperature control

Temperature control

The measurement unit's cooling station is a heat exchanger designed to cool printing inks. Despite its modest dimensions, it delivers effective cooling performance for moderate temperature differences. The cooling station is designed for direct installation on the measurement station. A pneumatic valve controls the flow of cooling water. The ink circuit's Teflon coating prevents the ink from adhering to the inside of the cooling circuit. The cooling station has an automatic cleaning function that includes the measurement unit; no need to attach and disconnect any lines.

Cooling station
  • PTFE coating for simple ink circuit cleaning.
  • Cleaning is automated and coupled to the measurement station.
  • Tiny footprint.
  • Attachable to the measurement station.
  • Pneumatic valve controls the flow of cooling water.
  • Insulation prevents the formation of condensation.


  • Cooling capacity: > 2KW at T[cooling medium] < 12°C, T[medium] > 30°C, V> 8 l/min
  • Control pressure: 6 bar, filtered
  • Cooling water system pressure: max. 2 bar.
  • Flow rate of cooling water through system: 8-15 l/min.
  • Ink: 5-8 l/min.

Mixing multiple solvents

Mixing multiple solvents

Different inks require different solvents. The Fasnacht mixing system enables up to 31 solvents to be automatically and precisely mixed according to pre-stored ink formulas. A flow sensor accurately meters individual portions regardless of line pressure.


  • Mixes up to 31 solvents.
  • Mixing ratios are assigned to the inks themselves, eliminating the need for continuous adjustments.
  • Flow sensor measures portions precisely [link].
  • The solvent consumption is logged for each station.
  • An optional tap enables manual extraction of the predefined solvent mixture.

Mixing block specifications
Control pressure: 6 bar
Membrane material: TFM

Level monitoring and control

Level monitoring and control

The level sensor monitors the ink tank. The user may also define thresholds that will trigger a low-level or high-level alarm. If the tank becomes empty, additional valves can automatically replenish the ink.

Level control

  • Continuous display of fill level with very high repeat accuracy, regardless of the presence of foam or inconsistent conductivity and pressure.
  • Straightforward installation and startup of measurement transducer, control unit, and display instrument.
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation.
  • Stainless steel construction may be used in nearly any liquid.

Maximum temperature 130°C.
Resolution: 1 per 12.7 mm sensor length

Solvent flow monitoring

Solvent flow monitoring

An impeller-type flow sensor measures and records the solvent quantity required for viscosity control. This makes it possible to monitor and evaluate the consumption of one or more solvents.

Flow rate sensor

  • The inline impeller sensor has a highly durable design for a long, disturbance-free service life.
  • The electronics are separated from the liquid to prevent any contact.

Measurement range: 0.5 - 15 l/min
Flow rate vFR: 0.3 - 10 m/s
Tolerance: < 2 % at vFR > 3 m/s
Linearity: ≤ 0.5% at 10 m/s
Reproducibility: ≤ 0.4%
Viscosity: < 300 cSt


Pumps, ink tanks, level sensor, heat exchangers, chilling and heating systems, etc.

Pumps, ink tanks, level sensor, heat exchangers, chilling and heating systems, etc.


We use reputable pump manufacturers such as Kelva, Capitanio Miro, and Graymills in our system projects. In particular, we offer ink pumps and filtration systems from the extensive Graymills product line.
We will be happy to advise you and help you select a suitable pump and filtration system for your project.


Ink tanks

Fasnacht AG also supplies high-quality ink tanks.
Specially tailored products are available at customer request:

  • Tank size according to your specifications
  • Hose connections suitable for your system
  • Removable filter screens inside the ink tank
  • Suction lances in any desired length


Other accessories

  • Cabinets for PC or racks (Rittal)
  • Solvent and water-resistant hoses and couplings (Kamlok).
  • Air hose and additional pneumatic materials


Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics

Control unit

  • Inputs: potential-free contact for pump, standby, MCV, and reserve contact
  • Outputs: 10 freely programmable outputs (for options and alarm).
  • Interface: CAN for computer communication

Measurement unit

  • Viscosity measurement range: 1 - 1100 mPas
  • Maximum viscosity tolerance: < 3% under standard conditions
  • Suitable liquids for measurement: solvents and water-based inks (gravure and flexo), coatings, adhesives, 2-K inks, and 2-K coatings.
  • Ink flow rate: at least 2-3 l/min (depending on viscosity)
  • Solvent pressure: 1 bar +/- 20%
  • Control pressure, air: 6 bar, filtered


  • PTB 99 ATEX 2011 group [EEx ia] IIC, temperature class T6
  • FM Int. safe CL I DIV 1 GP ABC&D T4

Overview of components

Overview of components

Control unit
Key characteristics Versions
  • Used with gravure printing machines and others
  • Computer and WinFKR optional
  • MP4 operated directly or via WinFKR software
  • MP4 standard
  • MP4-R
    (remote with offset display)
MP4 Rack (central)
  • For flexo machines etc.
  • Computer and WinFKR required
  • Controlled via WinFKR software
  • 19" rack, height 3H
  • For up to 10 printers per rack
  • Multiple racks can be cascaded


Measurement unit Accessories (included) Options
  • MS4 for solvent-based inks (NC)
  • MS4 for water-based inks (stainless steel)
  • Solenoid valves
  • Small parts
    (T-filter, ball valve, solvent filter)
  • Manual
  • Software
  • Mixing block for solvent
  • pH measurement
  • Temperature control
  • Level control
  • Solvent flow measurement
  • Housing for MP4 and servos

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