Ink supply and washing systems

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EasyClean supplies the chamber doctor blade with ink during printing and serves as an automatic washing system for cleaning the chamber doctor blade, anilox roll, ink lines, and pumps on flexo printing machines. It can be used anywhere with solvent or water-based inks.

Benefits of EasyClean inkl supply and washing system

  • Shorter setup time
  • Less solvent is used
  • Straightforward integration, even on existing machines
  • Ink can be changed even during cleaning

EasyClean ECD

Ink supply and washing system

Ink supply and washing system

EasyClean supplies the chamber doctor blade with a constant ink pressure during print tasks. Depending on the version, the remaining ink will either flow independently from the doctor blade back into the ink container or a second pump will suck the ink back.

Washing systemThe first step in the washing cycle is to suck the residual ink from the system back into the ink container so no ink will be wasted.

Depending on the ink system, the main portion of the cleaning process will be performed either with recycled solvent or through an internal closed water loop in order to minimize the consumption of pure solvent or clean water.

Cleaning times can be adjusted to the optimal times via a straightforward calibration at each of the machine's printers.

Operating software

Operating software

The software is designed for user friendliness. It is easy for the machine operator to switch between printing mode and the various wash cycles on each of the printers.

Individual cleaning sequences are established during the commissioning of the attached machine, but can be readjusted by the customer as needed.

Technical info

Technical info

Depending on the version, EasyClean is operated with one or two pneumatic double-diaphragm pumps. The maximum pumping capacity is 52 l/min.

The installation of the return line and the impermeability of the chamber doctor blade are critical for determining which version is appropriate. If the chamber doctor blade is free of leaks and there are no impediments to the return flow from the chamber doctor blade to EasyClean, no second pump is required for the return flow.

All valves and the EasyClean diaphragm pumps are operated with compressed air. Only the control unit requires a power supply.

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