New sales and service partner in Brazil - CDK Service

29. January 2024

With more than 15 years of experience in gravure form production for flexible packaging printing and commercial printing, CDK Service is managed by Christoph D. Kaderli.

We asked Christoph D. Kaderli about his company - he is happy to briefly introduce his company and his core expertise:

"We are keen to ensure the best performance of customers' machines and offer all preventive maintenance services for your equipment.
The profitability of the customer company is mainly due to the good operation and optimisation of the machines. We prioritise ensuring that the parts required for this operation are always in good condition and we take control of the materials and consumables.
CDK Service's CRM for Bauer, Kasper Walter, Daetwyler, Fasnacht and H2O machines can be summarised in one word: uncomplicated. The offered service includes consulting for all kind of projects with a wide range of expertise, experience and know-how.

Preventive maintenance is the key to efficient operation and ensures a long service life for our customers' machines. The high-quality service helps to increase production efficiency - reliably, quickly and with Swiss quality".

We are very pleased to have such a qualified partner in Brazil at our side - here are a few outstanding qualifications in a nutshell:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • After-sales and technical customer support
  • Coordination of technical activities
  • Process optimisation
  • Languages: German, English and fluent Portuguese (working in Brazil for 16 years)

We are looking forward to a good co-operation with CDK-Service in Brazil!