Philosophy and Vision

We are committed to efficiency and comprehensive quality as the foundation for our long-term success. Fasnacht management seeks to provide all employees - at every level of the company - with the tools they need to perform their jobs effectively and deliver exceptional work results.

We define product and service quality as the fulfillment of specific customer requirements and expectations in conjunction with the observation of recognized industry standards, utilization of the latest state of technology, and compliance with all legal obligations.

We fully integrate customers, employees, and suppliers into our value-creation process and promote comprehensive knowledge and skills through motivation, information, and training.

Employee training and development are continuous processes for ensuring extraordinary competency and professionalism, thereby promoting the continuous improvement of our processes, products, and services.

Fasnacht practices a culture of trust and a leadership style that values cooperation and fairness for all employees.

Fasnacht Dynamics AG Bollstrasse 61A CH-3076 Worb Tel. +41 44 382 10 10