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Viscosity Control System - Vibrating Resonator

ViscoPoint® S6-VR
  • Substantial and sustainable cost reductions in the printing process
  • High precision viscosity control
  • Inline system; easy handling and installation



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Presentation of: Viscometer Fasnacht ViscoPoint S6 Ink Control

Fasnacht ViscoPoint® S6 generation - further development through individual solutions

The ViscoPoint S6 Series incorporates advanced solutions for your application:
precise viscosity and temperature control for water- and solvent-based gravure and
flexo inks and coatings. In addition, the modularity of the system allows the combination
of a variety of additional functions, such as the measurement of fluid and solvent
mixtures (volumetric) or the real-time consumption measurement and logging of all
fluids used. The new interface allows intuitive operation and use for the operator.

ViscoPoint® - VR & FB technologies:
Inline-Sensor S6-VR Vibrational Resonator & S6-FB, the original Falling Ball principle of
viscosity measurement.

Fasnacht Visco systems have been in use in virtually all machine manufacturers in the
world. The systems are an important part of the standards of the printing industry.
Based on the falling body principle and the vibration measuring technology, the
viscosity regulators guarantee the measurement and control of viscosity, temperature
and level in the ink tank with very high reliability and precision. In addition, they mix the
solvents at each individual printing unit in an individually determined mixing ratio. The
investment in a Fasnacht Visco system pays for itself in a few months.